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How to Apply

Requests for funding are reviewed by our Board on a quarterly basis. Please submit your request in writing, as a formal proposal that includes the following:

  • Contact details for the organization, group, or individual
    • Full name and title
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Fax number
    • Email address
  • General information
    • History of organization
    • Goals and achievements
    • Description of clients/groups served
    • Geographical area served (if applicable)
  • List of Officers/Trustees/Board of Directors of the organization (if applicable)
  • Charitable registration number as assigned by Canada Customs & Revenue Agency, or other basis for provision of tax receipts (if applicable)
  • Financial information
    • Most recent audited financial statements
    • Current operating budget
    • Other sources of funding including other donors, government grants etc. (if applicable)
  • Purpose and objective of the project/program
  • Detailed budget allocation for the amount of grant requested
  • Time frame and schedule for project/program implementation
  • Supporting documentation to show how much (if any) of the grant will be directed towards administrative overhead
  • A plan for evaluating and measuring the project/program’s impact on youth

Applications can be submitted online or directed to:

The Cal LeGrow Foundation
Attn: Treasurer
189 Higgins Line
St. John`s, NL
A1B 4N4

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