Annuities are an excellent way to protect against “superannuation”–outliving your retirement savings. They offer peace of mind by providing money payable at regular intervals for the entire life of the individual (or a specified term). In general, annuities can reduce tax and thus increase retirement income.

Our team can help you determine if this type of deposit investment is right for you–and if it is, which annuity type is best suited to your situation.

Cal LeGrow offers the following Annuities options:

Term Certain Annuities Provides payments periodically for a fixed term. Once that term is expired, there are no more payments even if the annuity holder is still alive.
Life Annuities  Provides payments periodically for the entirety of the annuity holder’s life.
 Immediate Annuities  Provides payments periodically starting immediately after the payment of the annuity purchase premium.
 Deferred Annuities  Provides payments periodically after a lapse of time following the payment of the annuity purchase premium.

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