Commercial Auto Insurance

From single vehicles to thousand-unit fleets, auto insurance safeguards your investment in the event of an auto accident, as well as assisting with costs associated with vehicle damage or theft.

When you drive, you should only have to worry about what’s happening on the road. 

You may need a commercial auto policy if:

  • Your vehicle is being used to transport goods or people for a fee
  • Your vehicle is being used to conduct a service offered as a component of your business
  • You are towing a trailer used in your business, or are hauling a considerable weight in tools or equipment
  • Employees operate the vehicle, or if ownership is in the name of a corporation or partnership

Your company vehicles are essential to your business, and we can help you protect them.

Our commercial auto coverage can help you with things like:

  • Liability incurred while loading and unloading company vehicles.  This is very important for business owners who regularly transport products.
  • Injuries happen in vehicles, make sure you and your employed drivers are covered. An auto policy could help with medical expenses and lost wages that are caused as a result of an accident.
  • A temporary rental or replacement vehicle to continue your day-to-day operations in the event that your vehicle is damages in an accident. 

Fleet Insurance 

If your business operates with more than five vehicles, you may need Fleet Insurance.

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Garage Liability Insurance 

If your business stores customer vehicles for any period of time, you could be liable for damage that occurs to that vehicle.

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Common Questions 

Commercial Auto Insurance provides protection for vehicles that are used for business operations. Such as: 

  • for carrying equipment to and from a job site
  • for transporting clients or customers 
  • for employees who make deliveries
  • and many others 

To see if you qualify for Commercial Auto Insurance contact us today! 

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While personal auto insurance doesn’t cover a vehicle if it’s being used for business purposes, commercial auto insurance does cover vehicles for both commercial and personal use.

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