Professional Liability Insurance

Business leaders know and trust Cal LeGrow with their companies, safe in the knowledge that our team builds the best coverage policies for your unique business.

Professional Liability Coverage encompasses two types of insurance policies:

  1. General Liability – Covers expenses incurred if you are found legally liable for personal injury or property damage caused by your product. It also covers accidents that occur on your commercial property or at your customer’s location. General Third-Party Liability (included in General Liability Coverage) covers the following types of claims:
    • Injury resulting in physical damage or loss
    • Property damage or loss
    • Personal or Advertising Injury (includes slander or libel)
    • Medical expenses
  2. Errors and Omissions – Covers a growing number of claims due to new occupations that are held to higher service standards. If you charge a fee for a service, you may be held liable for financial losses in the following scenarios:
    • Breach of contract
    • Defective designs
    • Delay in delivery
    • Inaccurate advice or information
    • Typographical errors
    • Incorrect appraisals

Trust is our number one priority. Call us today, and our team can help you understand your exposure to Professional Liability, and what type of coverage is right for your enterprise.

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