Commercial Property Insurance

Your commercial property, for all of its usefulness, has the potential to seriously hurt your company financially. Fires or floods threaten huge losses, and you could even face being unable to pay employees because your funds are being used to repair damage.

We want to help you avoid this situation if possible. Save the headache with Commercial Property Insurance, which can cover everything from furniture and equipment, to paper records of accounts receivable, to your company’s intangible property like goodwill or trademarks.

What does Commercial Property Insurance cover?

  • Basic Property Insurance covers losses due to fire or lightning, including the cost of removing property as a way to protect it from further damage.
  • Additional coverage is available for floods, windstorms, hail, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, explosion, riots, smoke, civil commotions, vehicles that damage your property, vandalism, and malicious mischief.

Builder’s Risk and Equipment Breakdown Protection is also available.

Your policy should be as unique as your business, and we want you to feel comfortable with your coverage choices.

Call us today to discuss your unique business needs and build a policy that works for you.

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