Equipment Breakdown

To operate at its best capacity and keep revenue up, your business depends on equipment. An untimely breakdown in this equipment could spell disaster.

We want to help you avoid financial troubles as a result of machinery breakdown, with coverage that will help you get back up and running as quickly as possible with little or no financial loss. It may cost more than simply repairing the equipment. From loss of income to damaged goods, Cal LeGrow can help you decide how much or little coverage your unique business needs.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance covers the following:

Extra Expense

Covers other expenses (ie. equipment rental fees)

Service Interruption

Covers lost income after machinery breakdown at a supplier with whom the insured has a contract

Perishable Goods

Covers goods spoiled due to breakdown

Hazardous Substances

Covers expenses associated with cleaning, repairing, or replacing areas contaminated by hazardous substances released as a result of machinery breakdown

Data Restoration

Covers expenses related to the restoration of lost or damaged data

Errors and Omissions

Covers locations that are outlined in the policy

Brands and Labels

Covers losses incurred when having to sell damaged product at a discount

Our team at Cal LeGrow wants you to have peace of mind when it comes to equipment breakdown; it should not spell disaster. Let us help you reduce the risk to your business and work together to protect your bottom line.

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