Funeral Expense Insurance

Who will take care of our funeral costs once we’re gone? Depending on the specifics of the service, most funerals rack up bills into the thousands.

The burden of final expenses on your family is unnecessary, and completely avoidable with appropriate Funeral Expenses Coverage. At Cal LeGrow, we know your loved ones are your top priority, and we’ve created cost-effective policies to help protect their financial freedom.

These plans include not only the costs of burial and funerals, but also assistance with final expenses associated with debts, mortgages, and taxes. Funeral Expenses Coverage can be the last gift you give: a small comfort to your loved ones, should the worst happen.

Sleep better tonight, and every night, knowing your family won’t be weighed down by expenses during a time of grief.

Call today to speak with a member of our team. We see risk differently, and we’re the family you can trust to protect yours.

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